Github repositories with open-source software and other content.
PPA package repository for Ubuntu, containing software related to theoretical biology (somewhat outdated by now, but can still be useful for binaries and Debian source packages).

YouTube channel with videos on regenerative agriculture (English) and video registrations of several lectures (Dutch).

The Substance of Sustainability (English) and Duurzaamheidsweb (Dutch) host a number of articles that I wrote on sustainability. One of the articles was published on Foodlog (Dutch).

Educational material:
“Van Molecuul tot Mens - Practica in Labvaardigheden”
Course manual and theoretical background material for a first-year Biochemistry course for Biomedical Science students (Dutch).
January 2014 (first version written in 2008)

Research report:
“Integrating Ecology and Epidemiology of Avian Influenza in a Simulated Mallard Population”
A computer simulation study of the dynamics of avian influenza viruses in wild Mallard duck populations in Europe.
August 2011

Master’s Thesis:
“Seasonality & Survival”
Competition, Speciation and Extinction in Variable Environments
A literature study on how ecological and evolutionary dynamics interact under long-term environmental variability.
Related research report on computer simulations: “Adaptation to Multi-Scale Climate Variability in simple Eco-Evolutionary Systems”
August 2011

Life & Complexity
Organisation, information and optimisation in real and simulated biological systems
August 2007

“Size does matter”
The possibilities of cultivating Jatropha curcas for biofuel production in developing countries.
A case-study report that explores the relationship between biofuel cultivation and food security.
December 2006

“Alice in Wonderland en de gespiegelde mesonen”
A Dutch popular science article about CP-violation in particle physics
Max Baak, Levien van Zon, Bram van den Broek
Published in “Natuur & Techniek”, January 2001

Garbage in Sri Lanka
An Overview of Solid Waste Management in the Ja-Ela Area.
October 2000